Rental or Retainable

Rental robes are made to last. They are made of a 100% Polyester Material or Acetate Material. We update our rental stock every year. They are shipped on hangers. If price and quality is what you are looking for , then rental gowns are for you. They are used for the ceremony and then sent back. If you think there might be some difficulty in collecting the gowns after the ceremony, then retainable gowns are a better option.

If collecting the gowns will be a problem, Retainable should be your choice. Retainable robes are meant to be worn for the ceremony. If taken care of they can be used in future ceremonies. Retainable orders are shipped without any time constraints. They are shipped in packages with the individual student’s name on each one, unless bulk shipping is requested. Retainable robes are given out to the students and that’s it. No collecting them after the ceremony. No boxing them up to be sent back. Both robes accomplish the same thing. Everyone looks uniform. Both rental or retainable gowns offer an economical choice for families instead of buying a new outfit that will only be worn once.

Print these PDF order forms,
fill them in and Fax back to 508-586-5683